Freedom to create with Oiva wood balconies

Lightweight balconies delivered as room modules are cost efficient, swiftly installed and open up new architectural freedoms in building façade designs. Oiva balconies give buildings personality and charm.

Through the ability to place balconies freely anywhere throughout the whole façade and the use of new kinds of materials and colours on all façade surfaces, interesting design possibilities emerge. / Interesting design possibilities emerge when balconies are placed freely anywhere upon the façade and new kinds of materials and colours are used on all outer surfaces. Lightweight balcony room modules are a cost-efficient alternative to conventional concrete balconies. Building this way facilitates constructing more spacious balconies and creates a whole new culture in construction, that is in dialogue with its surroundings.

A heavy foundation becomes unnecessary with modular balconies. Under beneficial circumstances they can affect the foundation dimensioning for the whole building (in contrast to concrete balcony loads on foundations). Thus, the overall cost for the project is kept low when taking all factors, such as lighter dimensioning and (as a result) a shorter construction period/time to completion into consideration.

Oiva wood balconies with their considerably smaller carbon footprint compared to concrete balconies are an eco-friendly alternative. A major plus is their manufacturing in Finland: Made from locally sourced CLT with short transportation routes.

The balconies are assembled in Kauhava, Finland. Mounting takes place shortly before the building project’s completion. With a high rate of prefabrication, it is possible to mount about 10 balconies per day on-site. Construction waste is kept to an absolute minimum, which is highly advantageous from a builder’s perspective. The wooden balcony modules are shipped/delivered fully ready-made. Glazing is installed on-site. In some cases, balustrades can be pre-installed off-site.

Oiva balcony modules are suitable for timber framed as well as brickwork/concrete buildings. Steel carriers are connected to the building structure for support. Dimensioning takes space requirements, as well as transportation and total weight into account.

Oiva balconies with outer siding made of larch in the condominium Riihikartano, Seinäjoki
Wood balconies are the future. They give architects whole new possibilities in façade design. We offer practical solutions, which makes sense to include already in the project’s design phase. We have successfully delivered hundreds of Oiva balconies into every corner of Finland. It is our pleasure to help you find the best solution for your project.
Juha Haapaniemi, Sales Manager
Advantages of Oiva wood balconies
  • Design freedom in respect to balcony placing and surface materials.
  • More spacious balconies possible through lightweight materials in comparison to concrete
  • Easy installation shortly before project completion
  • Eco-friendly choice for modern construction projects
  • Delivery includes structural design, assembly and mounting
Oiva woodbalconies, which where mounted either as standalones, in pairs, or on top of each other forming a tower.